The 4 Ingredients the best nachos in Austin have in common

We all know what it’s like to get a weak stack of nachos. The chips are piled together. The cheese is dribbled over the top. When you pull a chip from the stack, toppings either fall off or didn’t make it on the chip in the first place. Why do Mexican restaurants in Austin continue to deliver a lack-luster nacho experience? Maudie’s knows nachos, laying chips, cheese, and toppings to create a memorable experience for your taste buds. Want to know what makes a great nacho dish? Maudie’s offers its advice in the following blog post.


It’s the worst feeling when you grab a chip from a nacho stack and watch the cheese and toppings tumble from the end, either onto the plate or the table.

A delicious stack of nachos is held up by the type, size, and style of chip used. A thick, tortilla chip is ideal to layer on cheese and toppings.

Maudie’s offers three types of nacho stacks, which all involve tasty chips: Nachos, Nachos Supreme, and Nachos Compuestos.

If you have to resort to using a fork to eat the nachos, the chips aren’t strong enough.


A great stack of tex-mex nachos includes great cheese.

The cheese is what holds the nacho dish together. Melted and spread out over the chips creates an appealing and appetizing dish. Depending on where you go to get nachos, the Mexican restaurant may use a different number and types of cheese.

Maudie’s believes in using at least three types of cheese, which adds to the flavor and texture of the overall experience.


In tex-mex fashion, the toppings are where the majority of the flavor explodes in your mouth. Chips are vital. The cheese holds it together. The toppings are what call on your taste buds. Anything from jalapenos, olives, to onions can be placed on the dish, which means you get to choose your mouth watering experience.

Some nacho enthusiasts like the heat of jalapenos, onions, and peppers. Others prefer a cooler experience with olives and parsley.

No matter your preference, Maudie’s has three main tex-mex nacho dishes for you.

Along with toppings, you can use guacamole or sour cream to accent your experience, which adds the feeling of thickness to each and every bite.

Not sure which toppings to put on your nachos? Let Maudie’s help and get you the best chips, cheese, and toppings in Austin.


The best nachos in Austin are layered. What does this mean? Each and every chip is covered with cheese and toppings. No longer do you have to pull a chip from a stack and work to place cheese, jalapenos, or beef on top of it.

If you want a great tex-mex or a great stack of nachos, give Maudie’s a try. Serving the greater Austin area for over 25 years, we know a thing or two about Mexican food. Stop by Maudie’s, order some nachos, and enjoy a craft margarita during happy hour!

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