The Reason Appetizers Are a Must For a First Time Visit

There’s a reason the first page in the menu at any restaurant is the appetizer page. It’s not just meant to entice you, it’s meant to round out your meal. After years of watering down, the experience of going out to eat has suddenly become much less of an event than it should be. Eating out used to be a big to-do. It involved going out with your friends and enjoying a meal that you couldn’t easily get somewhere else. It was about the experience as much as it was about exquisite cuisine. With that notion lost, from modern-day restaurants are still holding onto the idea that they should provide their guests with a unique experience that they can’t get somewhere else. They hope, perhaps in vain, that they’ll be able to revive the idea that going out to eat is a reason for celebrating life and all of its wonderful intricacies rather than the fact that you forgot what your meal plan included that night.

Going to a Restaurant With Friends?

Austin, Texas is probably more familiar with the importance of food than most cities. We love food, and we especially love Tex Mex. With all of the taco trucks and breakfast taco trends that dominate the area, it’s no wonder that an Austinite’s favorite destination is always an authentic Tex Mex cuisine restaurant like Maudie’s Tex Mex. When locals come out and they’re perusing the menu before their friends arrive, their eyes will first rest on the appetizer menu. It’s to urge you to get a dish that does not prohibit conversation. Many times when folks go out to eat with old friends or family they haven’t seen in some time the aim is to catch-up which means talking, lots of talking. Appetizers are the perfect dish for this. Not only are they shareable and great for breaking that initial ice that’s crusted over with the expanse of the years between your last visit, but it doesn’t take all of your attention to enjoy. So many times, people will sit down to eat when they’re ravenous and barely get to talk since their main objective is to get their food in their mouth. Appetizers take the hangry edge off and make for a great dish to share while discussing the events of your life while thoroughly enjoying your time.

The Ultimate Sampler Plate

The second reason a restaurant structures it’s menu so that you’re able to peruse the appetizers first is because we want you to get something you like. If this is your first time to Maudie’s Tex Mex, you’re going to want to sample things. The beautiful thing about Tex Mex is that it’s much like traditional Mexican cuisine, in that it’s inspired by different regions and has different influential spices and other components that might differ from your other favorite Tex Mex cuisine in another part of Texas. Being able to sample a variety of our menu options first through the appetizer section is the key to being able to pick the right entree dish off our menu. For example, sharing our amazing and innovative beef Fajita Nachos could evolve to ordering a full entree of beef fajitas. Trying out Oven Baked Nachos with the whole party could evolve into you being more daring about what spices you’re willing to try on your dishes and having a more open mind about how our dishes are influenced.  

Our Favorite Appetizers

For a first-time visit to Maudie’s Tex Mex, we’d recommend a couple of standby appetizers to get the most out of your authentic Tex Mex cuisine dining experience. All of our suggested appetizers can be paired with a select few of optimized drinks that round out the experience while opening up your palate to new flavors that will round out your night as a whole.

Top Choice

Our must-have appetizer has to be the Flautitas de Pollo. It’s the best way to sample traditional Tex Mex with Maudie’s distinct flavoring and taste. The dish features cheese and chicken flautitas. They consist of a tortilla wrapped tightly around the contents inside, and they are allowed to dry so that they’re good for dipping into the unique tomatillo avocado dipping sauce. If you’re unfamiliar with tomatillo, it’s a delicious traditional Mexican component that complements virtually any dish and, as a dipping sauce, it adds the perfect amount of spice to an already creamy composition. We recommend pairing it with a round of Maudie’s mojitos, which is a delightful mix of fresh lime and mint, some simple syrup to balance the Bacardi Silver Rum and round out the flavors into a refreshing start to the night.

Perfect for Vegetarians

Our favorite vegetarian-geared dish has to be the spinach and mushroom quesadilla. Sliced and cubed tomato with garlic mushrooms mixed in with warm, melted jack cheese makes this dish an excellent balance of the savory and salty but almost sweet. Finished off with the sweet crunch of fresh spinach and perfectly toasty wheat tortillas, you’ll be almost satisfied and totally ready for your vegetarian-friendly Tex Mex entree. For a drink pairing, we recommend Maudie’s Signature Skinny to set off the savory and creamy mixture of flavors. The drink is a perfect combination of Tequila 512’s Blanco tequila, agave-lime mix and topped off with club soda for that perfect effervescence to render the drink truly and totally delicious.

The Tex Mex Cuisine Experience

If you’re looking forward to a dining experience rather than just eating for the sake of nourishment, look to Maudie’s Tex Mex. We’ve designed our menu to create an event-like appeal. Our appetizers, drinks, and entrees are all coordinated and staged in a certain order to create an authentic Tex Mex cuisine experience that you and your friends won’t forget. Come and enjoy Tex Mex in a way you previously didn’t realize possible. Contact us to arrange large to-go orders or catering for your next event, we’re happy to help in whatever way we can!

Must See Places in Austin

Texas is full of history, but Austin, in particular, is rich in history. When you take a waltz through our streets, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of all of the years and experiences coating the avenues like a thick coat of paint. From the folks rushing west and settling in Texas, to the Native Americans’ presence, to the folks that ran from the conquered Confederate states to Texas to start fresh. Thus, it’s no surprise that Austin would be a bustling tourist attraction in its own right, especially with its food reputation known far and wide for some of the best cuisine available in the West. From natural pools to old hotels to interesting little shops, there’s plenty to see and do in Austin — even if you’re a native to the region.

The Austin Bats

Trying to find something to do on a Monday night, or are you just interested in some things that earned us the term “Weird Austin”? Come to check out our bats — we promise you won’t have to try and venture into any dark attics to glimpse the flying creatures that own the night like Dracula. According to bat experts, Austin successfully houses one of the largest communities of bats in North America. The bridge on Congress Avenue houses 1.5 million bats. They took over the bridge and made it their home after a renovation in 1980 that created plenty of little crevices that the bats use to take refuge in little mini caves. In the summer, you can see them emerging from their home beneath the bridge by the thousands at sunset to go and patrol the night for bugs and other critters. The mass exodus of little black specks sprawling across the sky is probably something you’ll never see again, so it’s worth a glance.

Uncommon Objects

It’s like a walk through a museum of oddities. Let’s face it, people from the past were weird: From entirely plastic furniture to elaborate cigar cutters. There’s a whole slew of odd objects, or “uncommon” if you will, that have saturated the everyday lives of our forebearers. Where did all of these exceedingly strange little items go? To Uncommon Objects, an storefront antique market on the streets of Austin. See the weirder pieces of history put on display next to even stranger objects that both intrigue and maybe even set on edge, like the various taxidermy Texas critters that are mounted on the wall or the beautifully intricate set of European heirloom trunks. You can pick your antique poison and find plenty of thought-provoking items that will certainly enhance your Austin experience while you’re there.

The Driskill Hotel

Alongside all of the pieces of the old west you’ll find down in Austin, you can also catch a glimpse of the seedlings of the Texas grandeur we all know and love. You can spot where Texas started getting big and beautiful at the Driskill Hotel. It’s stately and elegant, but still filled with Texas culture, like the lone star flag in the room and cow skin backings on all of the barroom chairs. It’s terribly charming and stunningly beautiful with a grand entryway filled with towering pillars and huge portraits. The old west-inspired art — like huge pistols, long-horned steers with their heads mounted on the walls and bronze castings of running horses — tie the aesthetic together to turn the hotel into a time warp that can’t be missed.

The Cathedral of Junk

If you’re really looking to find something weird in Austin, you should turn your attention to the Cathedral of Junk. We promise it’s exactly as strange as it sounds. It’s not so much a pile of junk as it is a towering structure of oddities and, well, junk. We’d go so far as to wager that it’d be difficult to find anything even similar to this sculpture of junk. It’s a living sculpture that is ever-changing and constantly adapting. You can find it in the creator’s backyard, but don’t be fooled, it’s a towering mass that is a true cathedral shaped conglomerate. Within you’ll find rows of steps, lofty rooms dripping with wind chimes, and chain link fence handrails that guide up steps and concrete walls with whole glass beer bottles stacking inside. Feel free to take a seat so you can attempt to absorb all of it in some of the little benches and seats that are woven carefully into the structure.

Maudie’s Tex Mex for Authentic Texas Cuisine

Some might press that fried chicken and grits are Texas cuisine, but they’d be wrong. Tex Mex was born and bred within the borders of Texas and went through pains to earn its name. It’s as closely associated with Texas pride as the Lone Star and the Alamo. When you visit Austin, one of the best places to find authentic Tex Mex is at Maudie’s. Catch the great taste of our nachos and lean greens for the more health-conscious folks in your group. Austin has forged its creative character from the Texas dirt and every part of the city is bursting with flavor and culture — but not as much as our food is. If you want to experience Austin, you’ll have to try some tacos and our margaritas before you can say you’ve seen all there is in Austin.

Why Do You Put a Lime in A Beer with Your Tex Mex

While a margarita is the preferred alcoholic beverage of choice with Tex Mex, sometimes you need something a touch more laid back than a full-blown tequila smoothie. Sometimes, you just need a delicious beer to go with that towering pile of Maudie’s Tex Mex nachos. No matter how much of a beer snob you become in the ever-growing Austin brewing industry, you’ll probably still enjoy a salty delicious Corona with a fresh lime in it. That green little sliver of summer slides through the bottleneck and into the bubbling, frothy liquid and completes the picture of the perfect Tex Mex experience. But where did the tradition of dropping that lime wedge into the perfect Mexican beer get its origins?

Keep Out Bugs

Picture an old western saloon with literal bar flies filling the air and lingering on the glass of patrons’ drinks. After discovering the bug repellent effects of citrus fruits, the bartenders began coating the rims and seasoning the drinks with lime because of the great taste and safety benefits. At least, that’s a theory that historians share. Throughout history, salt and citrus have been used to keep consumable products fresh and bug-free and since beer was first invented to help purify water, it’s no shock that keeping it pure soon became a potential concern. Since lime mixes well with the salty, hoppy taste of Corona, it probably wasn’t a stretch to start deterring bugs there. But did it have other uses that rendered it both a practical and versatile solution? Beer experts think so.

It’s Anti-Bacterial

Since you probably drink your Corona straight from the bottle, the drinkers have a high chance of contracting something funky from the questionable bottling procedures. Corona is bottled in Mexico, which is not renowned for its super sanitary living conditions. If you’re afraid of the water when you go down there, you should probably be cautious of anything that comes into contact with that same water, such as the rim of your Corona. Though this theory states that the practice was invented by more modern day bartenders, it could very well hold a spark of truth that the Corona is accompanied by a lime because it’s meant to kill off whatever germs are lurking on the bottle where your mouth is about to go. In fact, the bottle caps were known for many years to leave rusty residue on the mouth of the bottle and the practice of wiping the lime around the rim used to certainly pull the stain away and sterilize the rim effectively.

No Skunked Beer

What is skunked beer? It’s when the beer gets exposed to too much light. You’ll notice that many beers, no matter how light their color, are stored in dark glass that refracts and absorbs most of that harmful light. Why does a liquid have a light sensitivity? Because of its ingredients. One of the key components in beer is the hops. The flower from the Humulus lupulus plant (hops) acts as a flavoring measure in the beer as well as a preservative agent that keeps that taste consistently Corona. However, that preservative property is disabled by too much light exposure, which the Corona bottle leaves the beer extremely exposed because of the light colored glass. The light exposure creates a chemical reaction that then releases a foul, skunk odor from the beer. For this reason, it’s believed that the marketing team started representing people drinking the beer straight from the crystal bottle because the smell would be hard to detect through the skinny opening in the bottle. Paired with a lime, you’d be hard-pressed to pick up on more than the citrus and hoppy scent of the Corona. This marketing strategy goes unnoticed as even un-skunked Corona tastes delicious with lime and the mild Corona taste doesn’t noticeably change after becoming skunked.

The Myth

While the various scientific theories are fascinating, the whimsical myth is probably the most entertaining reason that the lime is placed in your Corona. The tale states that two bartenders made bets that they could start a trend, the winning bartender started placing limes inside Coronas when serving them. The other myth is that Mexicans consider it a tradition to season your cerveza with a lime, but the beer experts believe it’s merely a tradition that’s been picked up to appease the tourism industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to cross the border to get a Corona with a tasty little lime sliver inside.

Visit Maudie’s Tex Mex

Rather than debate the finer points about why you need a lime in your Corona, why don’t you come down and order a Corona with lime? Accompanied by classic crispy tacos (with limes) and delicious tortilla chips dipped in salsa (and drizzled with lime), you’ll be in tiny green fruit heaven. The tart, savory bounty is waiting to complement your authentic Tex Mex meal right here at Maudie’s. The taste of summer is just down the street.