Pairing Tequila and Tex Mex Like a Pro: Anejo- Part 2

The real shame about most tequilas is that people are afraid of them. They have one bad run in when they were in college with something like Gold’s tequila and then they’re never ever to recover. As we talked about in our last blog, the quality of tequila has changed and with Maudie’s Tex Mex, you can easily access the best tequila and a variety of pairings that can only enhance the taste of a tequila. And, unless you overindulge, you won’t be suffering any special sugary tequilas because of one main factor:


The culprit that made those early mornings in college total hell and flavored your view of tequila forever is actually not really tequila. It’s “Mixto.” It’s a bastardization of tequila since it’s made with about 50 percent actual agave, and the rest is a sugar-water mixture. Mixto tequilas are made outside of Mexico because Mexico actually has laws that protect real, Jalisco tequila from being faked. In fact, all tequilas that are made in Mexico have to be made with 100 percent blue agave and then have to be inspected before leaving the country in order to get the true stamp of approval. So when they give you Mixto tequila, it’s not from Mexico and it will get you drunk faster because the sugar present in the mixture helps it get into your bloodstream quicker. Real tequila doesn’t do that.

Real Tequila

As we spoke about previously, there are a variety of real tequilas, including blanco, gold, reposado, anejo and extra anejo. Today. We’re here to discuss the king of tequila, anejo and extra anejo. Getting to know tequila in a new light is a difficult first endeavor. You have to first forget everything you previously knew about tequila, because that wasn’t the real tequila; hat was tequila’s evil twin. Once you forgive everything Jose Cuervo did to you while masquerading as real tequila, then you can move on to getting to know the real spirit from Jalisco.

Authenticity in a Bottle

Learning to appreciate any spirit first comes with learning how to read a bottle. Just like when you first got into craft beer you started learning the difference between IPAs and stouts, now you’ll need to decipher the difference between Mixto and actually good tequila. Mixto can be anything at or above 51 percent agave. Only tequila is 100 percent blue agave. Think of it this way: would you drink vodka if it were only 50 percent potato? Probably not. When you’re shopping for bottles, you’re looking for 100 percent agave and grab an aged liquid if you can. That’s going to be reposado, which actually means rested, and anejo of any kind as it ages as well as any other spirit does.

Ease into Flavor

Agave is watered down in mixto because it’s strong and distinctive. It’s like getting a different cuisine from another country for the first time. It’s strange and unfamiliar so your taste buds might spazz out at first taste. Ease yourself into it by mixing a slightly cheaper bottle into a margarita, but not a frozen one. You’re not trying to drink a spiked slushie, you’re enjoying the fruits of Mexico; get it on the rocks. Try a classic margarita at Maudie’s Tex Mex to introduce you to balanced agave flavor while still delivering the punch of high-end liquor. For those trying to acquaint themselves with the powerful flavor of agave, we always recommend a lime-heavy mixed drink, like our Gill’s Margarita which is Don Julio Blanco mixed with the classic Cointreau and freshly squeezed lime juice. This amazing margarita comes together to present the powerful blanco taste of a premium tequila with lime to ease your taste buds into being comfortable with real tequila like a reposado or anejo.

Phase Two

Getting ready to pair a neat anejo tequila starts with a little sangrita. “Sangrita” is Spanish for little blood which is probably in regard to its strong flavors and potent pairing options. We recommend a little sangrita with a plate full of hot sizzling fajitas whether you’re a veggie lover or just need a little beef, the traditional Mexican drink that consists of citrus, tomato juice and grenadine with a huge dollop of hot sauce pairs lovingly with strong, aged tequila and a plate full of fajita basics. It’s sipped separately from good tequila, but they’re enjoyed together because of the manner that they play off of each other.

Try it Solo at Maudie’s Tex Mex

Now you’re ready to enjoy real aged tequila all by itself. Don’t try it just anywhere, try it where you can pair it with the food it’s meant to be accompanied by. Try it at Maudie’s Tex Mex. We offer the best Tex Mex cuisine in all of Austin and we’re happy to provide you with amazing tequila that enhances and makes every meal you have here better. Plan a family meal here or talk your coworkers into experiencing our amazing happy hour together so you can finally get your hands on that great tequila you’ve been reading about.

Catch our next blog to learn about how to pair your anejo tequila intelligently with the various items on our menu. Bring out intricate flavor profiles and take advantage of everything a single, neat anejo tequila has to offer. We promise, you won’t be disappointed at all.

The Reason Appetizers Are a Must For a First Time Visit

There’s a reason the first page in the menu at any restaurant is the appetizer page. It’s not just meant to entice you, it’s meant to round out your meal. After years of watering down, the experience of going out to eat has suddenly become much less of an event than it should be. Eating out used to be a big to-do. It involved going out with your friends and enjoying a meal that you couldn’t easily get somewhere else. It was about the experience as much as it was about exquisite cuisine. With that notion lost, from modern-day restaurants are still holding onto the idea that they should provide their guests with a unique experience that they can’t get somewhere else. They hope, perhaps in vain, that they’ll be able to revive the idea that going out to eat is a reason for celebrating life and all of its wonderful intricacies rather than the fact that you forgot what your meal plan included that night.

Going to a Restaurant With Friends?

Austin, Texas is probably more familiar with the importance of food than most cities. We love food, and we especially love Tex Mex. With all of the taco trucks and breakfast taco trends that dominate the area, it’s no wonder that an Austinite’s favorite destination is always an authentic Tex Mex cuisine restaurant like Maudie’s Tex Mex. When locals come out and they’re perusing the menu before their friends arrive, their eyes will first rest on the appetizer menu. It’s to urge you to get a dish that does not prohibit conversation. Many times when folks go out to eat with old friends or family they haven’t seen in some time the aim is to catch-up which means talking, lots of talking. Appetizers are the perfect dish for this. Not only are they shareable and great for breaking that initial ice that’s crusted over with the expanse of the years between your last visit, but it doesn’t take all of your attention to enjoy. So many times, people will sit down to eat when they’re ravenous and barely get to talk since their main objective is to get their food in their mouth. Appetizers take the hangry edge off and make for a great dish to share while discussing the events of your life while thoroughly enjoying your time.

The Ultimate Sampler Plate

The second reason a restaurant structures it’s menu so that you’re able to peruse the appetizers first is because we want you to get something you like. If this is your first time to Maudie’s Tex Mex, you’re going to want to sample things. The beautiful thing about Tex Mex is that it’s much like traditional Mexican cuisine, in that it’s inspired by different regions and has different influential spices and other components that might differ from your other favorite Tex Mex cuisine in another part of Texas. Being able to sample a variety of our menu options first through the appetizer section is the key to being able to pick the right entree dish off our menu. For example, sharing our amazing and innovative beef Fajita Nachos could evolve to ordering a full entree of beef fajitas. Trying out Oven Baked Nachos with the whole party could evolve into you being more daring about what spices you’re willing to try on your dishes and having a more open mind about how our dishes are influenced.  

Our Favorite Appetizers

For a first-time visit to Maudie’s Tex Mex, we’d recommend a couple of standby appetizers to get the most out of your authentic Tex Mex cuisine dining experience. All of our suggested appetizers can be paired with a select few of optimized drinks that round out the experience while opening up your palate to new flavors that will round out your night as a whole.

Top Choice

Our must-have appetizer has to be the Flautitas de Pollo. It’s the best way to sample traditional Tex Mex with Maudie’s distinct flavoring and taste. The dish features cheese and chicken flautitas. They consist of a tortilla wrapped tightly around the contents inside, and they are allowed to dry so that they’re good for dipping into the unique tomatillo avocado dipping sauce. If you’re unfamiliar with tomatillo, it’s a delicious traditional Mexican component that complements virtually any dish and, as a dipping sauce, it adds the perfect amount of spice to an already creamy composition. We recommend pairing it with a round of Maudie’s mojitos, which is a delightful mix of fresh lime and mint, some simple syrup to balance the Bacardi Silver Rum and round out the flavors into a refreshing start to the night.

Perfect for Vegetarians

Our favorite vegetarian-geared dish has to be the spinach and mushroom quesadilla. Sliced and cubed tomato with garlic mushrooms mixed in with warm, melted jack cheese makes this dish an excellent balance of the savory and salty but almost sweet. Finished off with the sweet crunch of fresh spinach and perfectly toasty wheat tortillas, you’ll be almost satisfied and totally ready for your vegetarian-friendly Tex Mex entree. For a drink pairing, we recommend Maudie’s Signature Skinny to set off the savory and creamy mixture of flavors. The drink is a perfect combination of Tequila 512’s Blanco tequila, agave-lime mix and topped off with club soda for that perfect effervescence to render the drink truly and totally delicious.

The Tex Mex Cuisine Experience

If you’re looking forward to a dining experience rather than just eating for the sake of nourishment, look to Maudie’s Tex Mex. We’ve designed our menu to create an event-like appeal. Our appetizers, drinks, and entrees are all coordinated and staged in a certain order to create an authentic Tex Mex cuisine experience that you and your friends won’t forget. Come and enjoy Tex Mex in a way you previously didn’t realize possible. Contact us to arrange large to-go orders or catering for your next event, we’re happy to help in whatever way we can!

Things You Need to Do In Austin- Part 2

If your hunger for things to do in Austin wasn’t satiated last time, Maudie’s Tex Mex has a litany of other suggestions as to how you can fill your time between eating amazing Tex Mex and exploring the city. As the premier authentic Tex Mex restaurant in the area, we take pride in being connected to our community and having an acute understanding of where the cool things are happening — the things that make Austin so deliciously weird. If you’ve become enchanted with the city from afar, we have many things to enhance and deepen your appreciation of our super unique city. If you’re a local, we attempt to find some new spots and locales to explore to keep you involved and passionate about our city like we are. Be sure to visit these amazing jewels in the crown of Austin, Texas.

The Bullock Museum

From the Alamo to the Civil War, Texas has an amazingly rich history. The state was once a refuge for outlaws and scallywags during the civil war, where confederates in trouble with the Yankees would flee to. It hosted a series of important, influential families, and it grows richer in history every day. Since Texas has been the epicenter of interesting things happening in the West since we grabbed it from Mexico (and before then), it’s no shock that the museums are rich in exhibits of interest. Since Texas was once a country of its own, there’s a wealth of interesting information about the great state. You’ll be able to find an entire 400-year-old shipwreck on permanent display in the museum and incredible exhibits about the Bush family and the buffalo soldiers, as well as on the Alamo along with various Civil War mementos. If you’re a history buff, you’ll find the Bullock can satisfy some of your hunger to see the interesting facets that come together to make this jewel of a state.

Popular Culture Still Applies to You

Few things are as rich in interest as the pop culture that has marked the many decades of the 20th and 21st century. If you love yourself a bit of pop culture history, you’ll find the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture to be absolutely enchanting. Native Austinites love to talk about our pop culture, considering we still fancy ourselves as the origin of all of the popular trends since the city was founded, or at least since SXSW took off, but seeing is believing. If you’d rather pass on the oral retellings of how great Austin is, head to the Museum of Popular Culture to see physical work of culture from the ’60s forward. You’ll get to glimpse local art as well as music posters, films, videos and paintings chronicling the lifespan of Austin culture. The museum has an archive of more than 3,000 works. Coolest piece of all? The museum is an official 501c3 non-profit that makes money for the local economy, so whatever purchases you make will be directly contributing to the city of Austin producing more artwork.

Traditional Art

If you’re more of a Renaissance and impressionist fan, you’ll find the Blanton Museum of Art to be your favorite spot in town. It’s actually the university’s art gallery and has been called out as one of the best university art museums in the country, probably because it can boast more than 17,000 works of art. They keep it fresh by ensuring there’s a type of art for every kind of art lover available and on display. You’ll be able to glimpse Contemporary American works, European art as well as Latin American. They have around 124,000 feet of area to explore and it’s chock full of beautiful, inspiring art that gives new meaning to the phrase “Weird Austin.”

Contemporary Austin

Contemporary art is strange, it’s weird and yet it still manages to be totally stunning, much like the city it occupies. The first thing to know about the museum is there are two locations, the much smaller location downtown by the name of the Jones Center and the 14 acres Laguna Gloria that’s just a touch northwest from downtown. On the 14-acre area of the museum, you’ll find the installation-ready Gatehouse Gallery is amazing in a way that only contemporary art can be. You’ll also be able to visit the Betty and Marcus Sculpture part that rounds out the museum nicely. The Jones Center’s building is an example of contemporary art in and of itself. It’s a contemporary, yet nearly brutalist style building that’s equipped with a softening projector screen that visitors can even glimpse from the outside of the building in the middle of the night. It features plenty of noteworthy artist like Charles Long, John Grade, and Monika Sosnowska.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library & Museum

With the most recent drama in the Oval Office, it can be easy to forget that the whole position was once shrouded in a touch more tasteful mystery than it is now. Whatever your opinion of Lyndon B Johnson’s presidency, you can at least respect him for rising to the occasion after JFK was assassinated. This museum is hardly what you’ll expect it to be. It’s actually a collection of 1960s history (speaking of Contemporary Austin ), and a peek into what a presidency of the United States used to be and what the noble office inspire in people who rise to meet the challenge it presents. If that hardly interests you, there’s always the idealism of examining another time and making comparisons, because if history is recorded for any reason, it’s so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

Visit Maudie’s Tex Mex

When you’ve had a hard day of browsing museums and reveling in the folds of history books and years far gone, you’ll be hungry. Treat yourself to some beyond delicious Tex Mex cuisine at Maudie’s Tex Mex. Reanimate your excitement and enthusiasm with a few tacos and an amazing margarita. After a day of appreciating others’ memories, all you have left to do to round out the day is making your own. As we all know, tequila certainly helps when your goal is to make new memories. Feel free to contact us to find out more about catering and to-go orders. We’re excited to share our authentic cuisine with you.