Maudie’s partners with Superseed Life

We are excited to have a month-long promotion with Superseed Life highlighting their pizza crusts.  During October, come enjoy a beef fajita or veggie fajita pizza at your favorite neighborhood Maudie’s Tex-Mex.

Superseed pizza crusts are 10” gluten free, grain free, dairy free & egg free. They are Keto & Paleo friendly, made from flour created with 7 super seeds: poppy,
sunflower, flax, pumpkin, chia, white chia and hemp.  Combine that with our queso, beef fajita and avocado and you have an amazing meal!

Superseed Life is a family-owned and operated company located in Austin, TX. We exist to optimize digestive health, overall wellbeing and mood through our proprietary, seven-seed flour. Our products nourish the body, mind and spirit using top-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients full of antioxidants, healthy fats, plant-based protein and fiber.

This one’s for you, Steph!

Remembering Stephanee Jane

This month, we are remembering Stephanee by promoting one of her favorite things – margaritas!  We created the Stephanee Jane Margarita in her honor a few years ago in an effort to support breast cancer awareness.  Her drink has since made the menu and is available all year round.

Stephanee’s Story

Before we lost Stephanee to breast cancer, she ran our catering department for several years and was loved and admired by many. Customer service, dedication, hard work and an enchanting attitude were her trademarks.  She had a contagious smile, laugh and sense of humor.  We miss her camaraderie and her incredible style.  So we ask you to raise a glass and toast to Stephanee and all those affected by breast cancer.

To find out more, please visit your favorite neighborhood Maudies!


Maudie’s Too included in Lost in Austin’s iconic Austin list

We are excited to be part of a new list that focuses on an all Austin entertainment districts and Maudie’s Too is included in the Iconic Austin list for the S. Lamar corridor.  Have you checked us out?  This list highlights great music venues and other iconic restaurants & bars that Austin is known for.  Now, it’s time to be a tourist in your own town!

Maudie’s Tex Mex – South Lamar