Fat E’s Spicy Mator Mix makes it debut at Maudie’s Tex-Mex

I have worked in restaurants for over 20 years now, the last 8 with Maudie’s. I love so much about this industry, but my greatest love has always been tending bar. It is so rewarding to see excited eyes across the bar after one of my cocktails impresses.

The most challenging of cocktails has always been the Bloody Mary. The temptation to capture the perfect recipe and replicate it consistently became my obsession. I found myself wandering grocery stores hunting for new ideas and ingredients until I found perfection. In the end I had a light, refreshing yet still boldly flavored spicy tomato cocktail.

Through encouragement from friends and family I began slinging the spicy concoction at festivals, farmers markets, parties and even making rounds through my neighborhood with a little red wagon full of mix in tow. With such a high demand, and plenty of support from my wife and daughter, I have been able to turn my passion into a business. Fat E’s Spicy Mator Mix is now available in over 200 bars and retail locations in the central Texas.

I am beyond grateful to my Maudie’s family for all of their support in this endeavor, and I am looking forward to continued growth alongside them.

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