Help Maudie’s employees

From Maudie’s owner Joe Draker, a fundraiser to help raise money for Maudie’s employees who have been laid off due to the pandemic crisis: Like so many of my colleagues, I would never have imagined the situation we are in today. It’s heart-wrenching to see our family-owned restaurants of more than 25 years close to customers and to be forced to lay off many of our employees, some of whom have been with us for generations.  While we plan to continue serving to-go at select locations, we’re only able to provide work for a fraction of our workforce. Our devout hope is that we’ll be able to re-open closed locations and hire all of our employees back. None of us knows when that might be.

Our community of customers has been amazing, leaving very generous tips for employees they’ve built relationships with over the years. We want to help facilitate this generosity on behalf of our employees and that’s why we’ve started this fund.

Our goal is to provide some cash to all impacted employees, to help them pay for housing, food, medical care, and other basic needs. Over our many years in Austin we’ve been proud to be able to give back to our local schools and nonprofits. We hope we will be able to do that again. In keeping with this hope, in this time of crisis we are asking our community to help our employees. Anything that you can give is greatly appreciated and will make a difference. All proceeds will go to hourly employees.

We love our Maudie’s community and wish the best for every one of you.

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