Lean Green Tex-Mex Green

Dieting and eating healthy takes all of the fun of going out to eat. You’re pumped to have some hot fluffy carbs and instead, you get a crouton at most. At Maudie’s Tex-Mex, we’re trying to put the enjoyment back into eating responsibly while out and about on the town. Don’t despair and worry that you’re consuming 3000 calories worth of tacos with a couple of tortillas, some meat, and tomato—although let’s be real, our tacos are so much more than that. With our new lean green Tex-Mex, you’ll still be able to enjoy everything that you absolutely love about the unique, Austin Tex-Mex experience here at Maudie’s.

Stay Lean

Salads are much like Tex-Mex in that they consist of a few, high-quality ingredients that come together to make a nutrient right meal. Within a salad, your greens by themselves have iron, calcium and various B vitamins. Salads are generally chock-full of antioxidants and are filling enough to be called a meal rather than a snack. Probably the only way you could make such a nutritious bath any better is by turning it into a naked salad burrito. Maudie’s Tex Mex has done just that. In our Powerbowl Original, you’ll find a layered salad full of rice, black beans, lettuce, Jack cheese, pico de gallo, pulled chicken and creamy avocado slices to tie it all together.

Your Fiber

If you manage to eat install a healthy habit of including enough fiber in your diet early in life, you’re going to reduce the risk of heart disease later in life. The fastest way to hack dietary fiber is through those delicious veggies in your salad. They act as insoluble fibers which are great for keeping your digestive tract healthy and happy. If you’re looking for soluble fiber to lower your cholesterol and keep your blood sugar on the right track, look to our salads that feature beans.

Your Antioxidants

Vitamin C and vitamin A are prominently featured in most salads and they each create a form of antioxidants called carotenoids. Tomatoes, leafy greens and sweet red peppers are an awesome source for all of these vitamins that will help you from falling prey to the office bug and the cold passing around your child’s school. While leafy greens are featured in all of our Tex-Mex salads, you can find tomatoes in pico de gallo that is tossed into the mix of our taco salad, spinach and bacon salad, maida’s salad, and fajitas and greens option. All of these salads provide the perfect balance of Tex-Mex flavor and the health conscious aspect that they need to be nutritious.

Your Proteins

Your body won’t store all the protein you’re feeding it, so it’s crucial that you feed it a healthy amount of protein on the regular. With cheese and delicious meats like fajitas, mahi-mahi, and chicken you can easily access all the protein your body is needing from one of our delicious salads. Feel free to choose the kind of meat you’re feeling, as we offer a wide variety of options, like carnitas, gulf shrimp, mahi-mahi and much more for you to enjoy on top of your salad.

Keep going down the notches on that belt while having fun with food. Just because you’re trying to eat healthier does not mean you have to torture yourself. Food is important to Austin and Maudie’s culture, enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer by tapping into our supply of original Tex-Mex recipes. Come to a Maudie’s near you to access the satisfying, yet healthy options we offer for the health conscious in your party.

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