Why Maudies Loves Margaritas (And you should, too!)

What comes to mind when someone says, “Let’s go to happy hour?” Maudie’s Mexican Restaurant in Austin says, “Margaritas!” It’s a tradition worth keeping, and it’s one with deep roots. Friends and family alike can enjoy tacos and tequila any day of the week, which is why Maudie’s loves to serve its customers with the best Mexican food and happy hour in the city. Want to learn how margaritas are made and what makes them so good? Maudie’s put together a post just for you!

What makes a good Margarita?

It’s a simple mix of four ingredients which balance one another for a sweet and sour taste with each and every sip. Many of us have probably experienced the too-sour or the too-sweet margarita and regretted it later in one form or another. However, one doesn’t have to be a master mixologist to get the taste just right.

Maudie’s margaritas follow a simple mix: two parts tequila, one part lime juice, one part sweet, and ice (however you like yours: rocks or frozen).

Which type of Tequila?

This is a preference. Maudie’s always suggests top-shelf tequila paired with the best Mexican food in Austin. You generally have two options when it comes to types of tequila: silver (sometimes referred to as blanco or white) and gold. The difference between the two is that the gold has been aged while the silver has not.

What does aged tequila have to do with margaritas? The taste profile changes based on the type of tequila used. Silver offers a stronger taste experience since it hasn’t been aged. Gold has been distilled and aged, which means the drinking experience is slightly smoother on the taste buds.

As always, Maudie’s recommends trying a few margaritas to discover what tastes the best to you!

Which type of salt?

Salt is used to line the margarita glass to accessorize the drink and add flavor to each and every sip. The ideal happy hour margarita is a coarse sea salt on the rim. This kind of salt has a little weight to it, and it is flaky with irregular crystal size, which accentuates the glass, adding to the overall experience.

If you can, avoid fine or table salt because it lacks texture and is stronger in taste than sea salt.

What about sugar?

Some margarita enthusiasts prefer sugar on the rim. Similar recommendations follow with sugar as salt. Use a coarse sugar which is flaky and has a little weight to it.

Sugar preference, as with salt, is obviously up to the customer. Find a flavor, taste, and style you like. The most important part is that you’re enjoying your margarita, either during happy hour or with the best Mexican food in Austin.

Which type of lime juice?

Maudie’s recommends lime juice based on the type and style of tequila being used for your margarita. However, the choice is up to you. Let your preference and taste buds guide you to the best margarita.

How are margaritas made?

A classic margarita includes tequila, lime juice, sweet accents, and ice.

  1. Salt or sugar the glass rim
  2. Mix the ingredients
  3. Pour
  4. Add a lime slice to the rim
  5. Enjoy with friends or family

Why are margaritas so good?

Maudie’s has found the perfect balance between tartness and sweetness when it comes to the best margarita in Austin. The ingredients are always fresh, and the mix made to order. During Maudie’s happy hour, it’s best to enjoy your margaritas with family or friends.

Anyone interested in finding a happy medium when it comes to after-work drinks, the margarita is a popular choice for a few reasons.

It’s perfect. It’s flexible.

The balance between sour and sweet is the epitome of perfection when it comes to happy hour beverages. You can customize the level of sweetness or sourness in either direction with a simple change of salt, sugar, tequila, or ice.

Multiple flavors

You don’t have to stick with the classic margarita, either. You can go with a fruiter mix in mango or otherwise. Simply ask your friendly bartender at Maudie’s, and they’ll help you find the perfect taste for you.

It’s a crowd favorite.

Making new friends? Not sure what the family drinks? Margaritas are an easy go-to that gets great results. Almost anyone will drink a margarita, and if you’re eating at the best tex-mex in Austin, this beverage pairs wonderfully well with many menu items at Maudie’s.

Want great Mexican food in Austin? Need a happy hour margarita after a long day at work? Maudie’s has you covered. Visit any one of our locations and enjoy your afternoon with great mexican food and even better margaritas!

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