Want the best Mexican food in Austin? Start with these appetizers and entrees

When you think Mexican restaurants, do you think family? A giant spread of great food shared with great people? Stories shared and life enriched? The heart of Maudie’s tex-mex in Austin is family. Serving the greater Austin area for over 25 years, they’ve certainly grown theirs considerably with multiple locations. With great food comes great experiences, and Maudie’s wants to share it all with you. Looking for a nearby Mexican restaurant? Check out why our mexican food and huge family are the best in Austin.


The evening usually begins with friends and family arriving at Maudie’s. They are seated at a large table, one where plenty of food can be placed and enjoyed throughout the night. In most cases, the group starts off with drinks, an easy way to relax and loosen up from a hectic day.

Maudie’s offers a variety of bar drinks to its family. You can order ice cold beer, bottled beer, or an assortment of beer on tap (domestic and import). Maybe you’re in the mood for a classic margarita, a flavored margarita, or something on the rocks? If none of that sounds appealing, give our selection of wine a glance. Maudie’s provides delectable reds and whites by the glass to tease your palate.

Friends and family alike enjoy their first drink almost as much as desert, and it’s Maudie’s pleasure to serve so many of their family as the best Mexican restaurant in Austin.


After a few drinks, a large group may want to start things off slow. Maudie’s offers a variety of appetizers for a variety of taste buds.

If you like to dip chips, the appetizer trio may be a great option for the table, a spread of chile con queso, fresh guacamole, and spicy bean dip.

Another popular option for a group is the nacho dish. A deep stack of chips, cheeses, and toppings layered to leave no chip uncovered. It’s a crowd favorite paired with beverages from the bar and stories from the heart.


Maudie’s offers dish options for almost everyone. Whether you love beef or chicken, Maudie’s has a dish for you. Sometimes Mexican restaurant patrons have a hard time choosing their dish. Maudie’s recommends giving anything a try because we’re positive you’ll be back for more.

You can go with enchiladas, burritos, tacos, or fajitas.

Enchilada sauces are made from scratch and includes rice and beans upon request.

The burritos come in pairs with a blend of diced onions and cheeses spread over-top.

If you want tacos, there are beef, chicken, veggie, or combo options a la carte.

Fajitas are grilled with onions, tomatoes, serranos, and a variety of other peppers and veggies to infuse the meat with a traditional tex-mex taste.

Maudie’s favorite moment during dinner is when entrees are nearly finished, drinks have been refilled, and stories are being shared. So much of our lives are spent away from the dinner table while we eat. Maudie’s wants to bring the family back to the table for great food and great company.


To finish off the evening, the group can enjoy a selection of sweet desserts while the evening winds to a close.

Maudie’s offers the traditional tex-mex sopapillas and flan. You can also enjoy a variety of evening drinks, such as coffee, iced tea, or topo chico.

Many groups may decide against dessert, but Maudie’s encourages it. The more time spent together, the better.

Want the best Mexican dishes in Austin? Have a group of friends and family ready to enjoy traditional tex-mex? Maudie’s has been serving the greater Austin area for over 25 years with family in mind. Get one of our margaritas or enjoy a delicious entree.

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