Want the perfect Mexican restaurant experience in Austin? Make sure they use these 4 ingredients.

It’s a unique feeling stepping into a Mexican restaurant in Austin. You have the long tradition of food and culture of the Rio Grande Valley and Texas ranchers alongside the weirdness of the city. Music plays a huge influence on the vibe, too. What can one expect? A mashup of the latest and greatest hits and new, evolved dishes? Not quite. Maudie’s prides itself on keeping the tradition of Mexican-Texan cuisine alive. Using the four main ingredients of tex mex as a base, all their dishes play off one another to create a filling and delicious meals from appetizers all the way to desserts. Know what goes great with all this food? Margaritas! Want to learn more about the essential ingredients of any tex mex restaurant worth its salt? Maudie’s shares the industry secrets in the following post.

The Four Main Ingredients

Most believe tex mex to be a complicated concoction of mixed cultures culminating as a smorgasbord of flavors and scents. Frankly, the entire menu is based off four main high-quality ingredients. Don’t believe it? Here they are in all their glory:

The Tortilla: Typically a wheat based product. It’s thick, soft, and chewy by most accounts, and it can be filled with toppings, cheeses, sauces, and meats for a delectable taste bud experience.

The Cheese: It’s on almost every burrito, enchilada, or taco. Cheese is a crucial piece to most tex mex dishes since it adds yet another texture to the meats and toppings.

Sauces: If you want flavor, sauces are the way to go. The myriad of flavors offered by mixing, matching, or isolating certain sauces with specific dishes delivers a variety of taste bud adventures.

Meats: The cornerstone of any great tex mex restaurant. Meats offer weight and volume to most dishes. The grilled nature of most meats at Maudie’s hold in their juicy flavors and tenderness whilst still adding to the overall subtle hints with sauces and cheeses.

Whether you pack a tortilla with the fajita meat of your choosing or stick with an enchilada covered in chile sauce, you’ll find a flavor and taste just for you at Maudie’s.

Don’t forget the Margaritas!

It’s a family tradition at Maudie’s to order a classic margarita with dinner. If you’re dining with friends, family, or colleagues, the relaxed, comfortable environment encourages connecting with one another beyond a phone call or office meeting.

Silver or Gold?

Choose your experience with non-aged silver tequila to go with your lime juice and salt in a frozen concoction, or gold aged tequila to enjoy a smoother on the rocks taste.

Sugar or salt?

Choosing sugar or salt for the rim of your glass depends on your margarita flavor and taste bud preference. Typically, salt is used on the rim, but if you go for a blackberry mint margarita, you may want to consider sugar.

Happy Hour!

Don’t forget to join us at Maudie’s for happy hour. It’s a great time to enjoy a fancy margarita, signature margarita, or a dollar off all beers.

Bring your family or friends. Order your favorite dish. Enjoy a delicious drink.

Want the perfect tex mex restaurant dish in Austin? Need a delicious margarita to finish off your day? Maudie’s has been serving the greater Austin area for over 25 years. Find one of the seven locations near you!

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