Why Large To-Go Is The Way To Go

Google has been showing off it’s trendy campuses and fun little extra curricular activities that it hosts for its employees for quite some time now. What’s interesting is that more employers are looking to cater to experiences like that  because they believe the Millennial generation that is currently dominating the workforce is attracted to those things. Employers have started looking inward trying to find ways to seem like the cool hipster company that everyone wants to work for in their area. If you’re one of these employers, you don’t need to struggle to figure out what the your youthful employees want, we’ll help. The Millennials want mexican food. Better yet, they want Tex Mex street tacos provided by their super cool employer. Our hypothesis is back by facts that we can totally present to you.

Companies Everywhere Are Catering to Millennials

It started with Google, but the fad has continued with other companies as well. While some go as far as installing cafe’s into their offices, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated, others are hiring food trucks to come by. Yahoo, has reportedly started spending around $150 million per year on feeding their employees. While some attempt to criticize these efforts by stating that companies are merely pampering their millennial employees with the comforts of home at work, that’s not really the point. It’s not about pampering an entire generation of workers, it’s about understanding that they’re all idealistic and want a workplace that is as cool as Google itself. If that means ordering large to-go orders of delicious tacos that you can all share, it’s hardly a high demand.

Where The Trend Started

In the 1980s and 1990s, banks and law firms started feeding their young, college-educated and sometimes overworked employees. The notion was really simple: if you stay working past a certain hour, we’ll feed you dinner on the company’s dime. This gave the employer an expense that they could write off on their taxes and the employee a sense of loyalty and a bite to eat. If you look at it from a financial point of view, the company may have paid—at most, $20 for that meal, but they were probably billing that employee’s hourly out at around $200 to their clients. The “cool-factor” the company built, however, was worth much more than the hourly expenses they would receive for the extra work. They were investing in good feelings toward the company, which made their employees want to work for them longer.

Large To-Go Orders

Throughout this entire corridor of the South Western and Western United States, people are obsessed with Tex-Mex. Street tacos have gained unmistakable popularity from food trucks, an Austin tradition, and suddenly it’s the cool food to be indulging in. In the 80s it was Chinese, the 90s saw an uprising of Indian food, but today Tex-Mex reigns supreme. It’s simplistic and healthy, featuring strong individual ingredients that come together to make something truly delicious. When you’re treating your employees to a large to-go spread from Maudie’s Tex Mex, you’re also treating yourself to the complex and carefully crafted flavors available on the menu. Be the deliciously cool employer you were born to be, and tap into a level of productivity you’ve never seen because your employees are lost in a haze of taco fueled elation.

It’s Not Just For Employees

Large to-go orders aren’t just for your employees. They work for birthday parties, graduations, and all other events. If you’re looking forward to a night in after a long day, you don’t have to deny yourself the pleasures of Maudie’s ultra-satisfying entrees. Order a large to-go and enjoy Maudie’s delicious food anywhere. With family and friends at a party or just a game night,everything is better when Tex Mex is involved. Contact us to request your large to go order for your destination and stop on by to pick up the food you’ve been asking for since the last time you visited us.

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